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Workout & Exercising – How And When To Start

Workout & Exercise

The current generation of youth has emerged as the most active generation in the last few years. It has been witnessed that this generation after millennials has become socially, physically, and mentally active.  In earlier times, people were seen negligent towards their health, but this GenZ has made their health their priority.

Why Exercise?

GenZ has made itself accustomed to exercising. Sporting has become their new weapon for being a fitness freak. It was found in recent research that about 72% of the world’s GenZ population is dealing with and managing stress in their routine life. Thus focusing on mental as well as physical health has become significant to them. Plus, for today’s youth, it is also about how they look and present themselves in front of their peers. Some of the key points that highlight the importance of exercising are-

  • Exercising averts mental-illness Exercising has been observed as the masterpiece to reduce this mental stress. Due to the reduced stress levels, one remains socially and physically active and can cope up with frustration, anxiety in an easy-going manner. So, exercising is like medicine for this GenZ.
  • Relaxed & better sleep– In times of peer pressure, work pressure, and everything that comes along, sleep has become of utmost importance to our generation. We keep on trying hard to catch some sleep. Exercising is such a tool that helps you in getting a relaxed sleep without the need to chase it.
  • Reduces the need to visit the doctors Exercising strengthens your immunity, which helps your body fight a lot of infections and helps you avoid frequent hospital visits. And exercising usually is accompanied by healthy eating, which further adds to this.

What is the right age to start exercising?

The right age to start exercising has always been a big question. And that is because people often get confused between weight training, rigorous workout, and regular exercise. Exercising should be a part of our daily routines from the time we are born. Stretches, Yoga, walking, running, playing sports, etc. are a must for a child as well. As far as grown-ups are concerned, a few researches have stated that the right age to start with regular workout – a combination of strength and weight training is 10-12 years. It is that time when children are their growing stage. Where their body intakes are quite high, and they are physically and mentally more active. Therefore, starting working out at this age will make them regular and build the routine.

Do we need a personal trainer?

Everyone’s body type is different, though the body structure might be the same, the immune system, the resistance powers, the intake capabilities are different. Therefore, we must have complete knowledge as to what exercise is right for us, and what has to be avoided, or do we need a personal trainer or not?

It is also essential to be familiar with the correct set of exercises to be picked up and the need to have a personal trainer or guide due to the following reasons-

  • A Personal trainer guides you as to what exercises are fit for your body, and they also keep on correcting if the exercise is not done in the right manner.
  • The correct knowledge of exercise helps you in relieving the pain or restoring mobility, injury recovering, etc
  • The correct exercise acts as an icing on the cake when you start analyzing the improvements in your health.

Is Gym the only option?

GenZs have been mostly seen hustling towards Gyms. For the fitness industry or gym owners, GenZ has become a big market and thus a considerable target. However, it is not true that physical fitness can be achieved only through Gyms. There are many other substitutes of the Gym that work exceptionally well. Some of the most common alternatives to Gym are-

  • Getting some standard exercise equipment at home and working out. For example- treadmills, cycles, dumbbells are certain equipment that you can purchase and exercise at the convenience of your home.
  • Youtube videos on some common exercises are the best option one can pick. Youtube videos show some exercises that are good for everyone, so one can pick them up without the need to go to gyms.
  • Running is one such free of cost exercise that makes you fit from head to toe. Running should be kept regular, and results will be noticed soon.
  • GenZ has made themselves accustomed to luxuries of life. They now prefer driving cars or roaming about on bikes instead of using bicycles which is cost-friendly as well as eco-friendly. Bicycling is an excellent workout for any age.
  • Yoga has become the new fitness challenge for this generation as well. People have discovered the importance of Yoga and, therefore, have started practising Yoga in the early morning hours, which also relieves their stress and makes their day fantastic.

Regular exercise should be a part of daily activity in human life. Keeping fit should be one of the goals for everyone. Fortunately, GenZ has realized the need of the hour, and they are working on it. So let’s just get up, tie our shoelaces, and get ready for the roller coaster ride of making us fit.

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