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The positive side of Covid19 lockdown

The positive side of Covid19 lockdown

It has been more than 4 months since the global pandemic hit our county. A lot has changed ever since. This was once in a century kind of situation we all are hoping we never get to see in this lifetime again.

There were so many issues that we all faced during that horrible phase of lockdown. We were all stuck at home. We couldn’t go and meet our friends, couldn’t attend schools and colleges, a lot of us missed our last chances at farewell parties or first & an only opportunity at a fresher’s party

While we are relieved that finally, the lockdown is over, there is a lot that lockdown has taught us – a lot of positives that we have learned from it!

Here are some positives that this adverse situation brought into our lives

  • We Did What We Love – At least for the initial days of the pandemic situation, people were carefree, assuming that the situation will be under control soon. Everyone was doing things that had always wanted to do but were never able to make time for. Learning to play the guitar, starting one’s own YouTube channel, making fun home videos, trying out the recipes that were always in mind, but never in the frying pan, and whatnot. The inner creativity of everyone came out for once.
  • Enrolling for Courses – After a few weeks of lockdown, EdTech platforms started to realise the importance of offering few and low-cost courses. And with spare time in hand, everyone was looking to upskill themselves. Digital marketing courses, fitness instructor programs, creativity enhancement courses for writing, animation, graphics, etc. became popular, and a lot of us took advantage of them.
  • The Humane Side – It is only human to feel empathy for other living beings at the time of adversities. A lot of us came forward to support causes and to help those affected by the pandemic. Some were feeding the stray dogs, while others were distributing food packets to the migrants. Some went to the extent of ensuring that people stuck in cities away from their families are safely sent back home, while a lot of working professionals donated a part of their salaries to the PM relief fund.
  • Our Physical & Mental Health – It was the need of the hour to stay calm. Thus, online meditation and mindfulness sessions also gained popularity. People were started to seek professional help for dealing with the stressful situation, and to a lot extend, the stigma around mental health came down. And not eating out or ordering in also ensuring that our physical health was also under check!
  • Aah, The Savings – The money we used to spend on traveling, partying, impulsive shopping, etc. was all saved! And that’s a HUGE chunk!
  • Family Bonding – More than anything, we all spent some amazing time with our families. We helped each other with the chores, we played Tambola together, we made family dance videos, we were there to console each other when things were terrible!


It taught us that no matter how bad the situation is, it is always good to look for positives in every situation!

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