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The Benefits of Natural Perfume for Men

Benefits of Natural Perfume

It can safely be said that any personal care product that is ‘natural’ or ‘naturally derived’, and ‘organic’ is more likely to help your body than any of its synthetic counterparts. This can probably be attributed to nature’s unlimited powers to heal, soothe, nourish and adorn. Her bounty extends to innumerable aromas of flowers, fruits, spices, tree barks and more that hold the sense of smell in pleasant captivity. This is what translates to the fragrances we wear today, whether it be scents for women or men’s perfumes.

Perfumes and the desire to smell good are universal. While we may have begun with borrowing scents directly from nature’s lap to eliminate body odour, fragrances have greatly developed since and are now a sprawling industry. As a result, synthetic, chemical-based fragrances have found their way to our store shelves, our home and our bodies. Whether they are women’s perfumes or men’s perfumes and deodorant sprays, synthetic is widespread and damaging at the same time. This is why, it’s time to switch to natural.

It is these natural scents, in whatever shape and form that you can splash on your body without a thought because they hold several benefits that other perfumes and deodorants do not. And the great news is, these benefits are not restricted solely to women and girls. Natural perfumes can easily pass off as the best perfume for men as well. And here’s why!

  1. ZERO TOXIN AND SAFE – Natural perfumes are made up solely of natural ingredients and this is where an vital benefit lies. As a result, no harmful chemicals and toxins touch your skin, to be absorbed only to lead to serious health problems with repeated exposure. The most common toxins present in synthetic perfumes are parabens, zinc, aluminium, triclosan, phthalates, polyethylene glycol. These lead to a variety of disorders ranging from hormone imbalance to cancer. Regular exposure to Aluminum, used in antiperspirant deodorant sprays can adversely affect the liver, kidneys and brain. This certainly does not make these perfumes the best perfume for men. On the other hand, zero toxins in your natural perfume make it safe to use.
  •  ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY – Since these perfumes are made with ingredients that are sourced ethically and sustainably, they are kind to the planet, not just you! So every time you use a natural men’s perfume, you are not harming the environment in any way. That’s definitely a feel-good factor.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC – Gentle on the skin, natural perfumes do not cause allergic reactions and are safe for people with sensitive skin. Most men’s perfumes have strong, overbearing fragrances that may cause breathing problems to the wearer or the people around. Thankfully, natural perfumes go easy on your lungs and help you breathe fresh. They are more subtle and personal, which feels even better!
  • MOOD LIFTERS – Natural perfumes are usually blended with an essential oil that have a positive effect on your mood. A different oil for a different mood. Each fragrance has its own unique benefit. Some have a calming, soothing, sleep-inducing and healing effect, while others are mood uplifting and energising. You certainly don’t get to enjoy this benefit from your synthetic men’s perfumes available in hordes.
  • YOUR PERSONAL PERFUME – Synthetic perfumes tend to block your natural scent and become overbearing. On the other hand, natural perfumes blend with your natural aroma, creating a brand new fragrance that is unique to you. Talk about an original scent, guys! 
  • ANIMAL-FRIENDLY – These perfumes are not tested on animals and therefore look out for the welfare of the innocents too.

All in all, natural perfumes for men sound like a winner. No, they don’t make you less of a man, nor do you have to worry about the fragrance wearing off quickly and body odour taking over. Natural perfumes stay on longer, help you breathe, enhance your mood and are absolutely chemical-free and safe to use. They are just as effective as synthetic perfumes, if not more because they come packed with advantages in addition to their functional value.

Men, guys, boys, you could seriously consider tossing your chemical-based synthetic perfumes and deodorants for the best men’s perfume in the world – the natural kind.

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