M eet Dipali - Our Co-Founder and CEO. She believes in working hard and taking risks! Striking a perfect balance in her family and business, Dipali is as much a messy bun mom as she is the pulled up sock entrepreneur. Just like her favourite brave, bold, and principled character Jo March, you can find her dreaming, scribbling and reading in her free time. Fit as a fiddle you can talk to her endlessly on working out and clean eating. No matter how stressful the days are, her mantra to a good night's sleep is a good bedtime conversation with her daughter Prashali and waking up to her cuddles, that ensures that the day ahead is on a happy note. If you catch her at a party, grab a glass of red wine and be ready for an enchanting ride that's about to unfold!

M eet Milan Sharma - Our Co-Founder, our cool man who never has a bad hair day! Always well-groomed and life of the party, Milan likes to have happy faces all around him. Being an action and war movie fan, he is a complete opposite, as no one has ever seen him losing his calm. He is as big a fan of Pierce Brosnan as he is of Sunny Deol! Ask his two GenZ kids, and they will define him as a cool dad and would refuse to believe that he could be into grown-up stuff like Podcasts & Ted talks. If you ever meet him and need an icebreaker-just talk to him about the latest Lawn Tennis game!