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Why SuperSmelly?

Why Super Smelly?

Why SuperSmelly?

Why SuperSmelly

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Zero Toxin Nine-To-Nine Soul Soothing Moisturizer 175 Ml

When you need a dependable friend to stand by you through the day, just reach out and grab a bottle of the Zero Toxin Nine-to-Nine Soul Soothing Moisturiser. A smashing non-greasy mix of naturally derived Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Cacao Butter, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil and Glycerine this lotion takes no prisoners! Your skin has no option but to stay soft, hydrated and happy even on the darkest of days. Certified ‘100% Toxin Free’ and ‘Made Safe’ by Safe Cosmetics Australia, it contains no toxic gunk like parabens, phthalates, PEGs, phenoxyethanol and silicones. Your skin will never see a dry day as long as this pal’s around. Obviously, this pal’s a keeper.

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SUPER SMELLY! Not only is the labour of our love 100% toxin free, it contains nothing but natural ingredients, handpicked by a meticulous mother (bordering on fussy) for kids across the country.
Because we care what touches your body – spray or balm. Simple. You’re smart enough to know what’s good for you and what’s not. And we know that. Instead of damaging chemicals, our personal care products are oozing with the nourishing essence of ingredients like Witch Hazel, Tea Tree Oil, Charcoal and Aloe-Vera, and that’s just the beginning, buddy. Now why would you want to touch anything else?

Want more? Here it is. SUPER SMELLY is for YOU. The market is bursting with products for adults and babies – where do you fit in? What sets you apart at school or a party? Walk in and let the gang get lost in the daze of your Punchy Fragrance or the happy glow of your face. Wait for them to ask you, “What are you wearing today?” Keep them guessing. You are going to be so lit!

The only and first ever deodorant spray in the country to be certified toxin-free and made safe by SCA. Zayum!

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